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Toda una vida
Toda una vida
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Tormenta de verano
Sis dies corrents
Frederica Montseny
Suc de síndria
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La dona del segle
Captura de pantalla 2017-10-23 a las 10.
El nom
La llum d'Elna
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La Xirgu
Els-Nens-salvatges internet.jpg
Els nens salvatges
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Concepción Arenal
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Clara Campoamor
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El Gran Vázquez

Official Selection at the Locarno Film Festival and Best Male Interpretation Award

Silver Spike and Audience Award at SEMINCI

Winner of 5 Gaudí Awards, among them, best film and best direction

title. Join me for breakfast

script. Iván Morales, Almudena Monzú and Marta Armengol

directed by. Iván Morales

length. 98'

year. 2025

genre. drama

A story of the crossed lives of four characters who do not give up on living without passion, in a noisy and crowded city where they will have to fight not to fall into the trap of heartbreak.


A production by Distinto Films, Dos Soles Media and WKND, with the support of ICEC and the Creative Europe Media program. International distribution and in Spain by Filmax and distribution in Mexico by Alebrije Films.

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SDC_STILL_06 ©Distinto Films, El Kinograf.jpg
Trailer SDC
Fitxa artística i tècnica


Natalia I Anna ALARCÓN

Carlota I Marina SALAS

Omar I Álvaro CERVANTES 

Sergi I Iván MASSAGUÉ 
Magma I Oriol PLA



Written by: Iván MORALES, Almudena MONZÚ and Marta ARMENGOL

Directed by: Iván MORALES

Producers: Miriam PORTÉ, Àngels MASCLANS and Roger TORRAS

Executive producer: 

Associate producers: 

Cinematographer: Angés PIQUÉ

Artistic director: Nina CAUSSA

Editors: Jaume MARTÍ

Music by: Lia KALI, Raynald COLOM, among others.

Sound: Nora HADDAD

Sound designer: 

Casting director: 


Costume designer: 

Make up: 

Assistant directors: Carles CURT

Production management: Jordi HERREROS

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